10 July 2012

St Nicolas Church Portslade Memorial Inscription

Transcribed by Judy Middleton and the Revd Richard Rushforth. (1983)

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The Chancel of St Nicolas Church, Portslade. 
locations of the following memorials:- Revd Donald F Campbell, former Vicar and Archdeacon of Carlisle. 
Lieutenant Blaker RN, and the 1914-1918 & 1939-1945 Roll of Honour.

  1. BORRER In memory of John the affectionate son of John and Mary Anne Borrer who by an awful dispensation of Providence on the 10th day after his marriage was suddenly cut off and separated from his beloved wife and all who are dear to him by a coach accident on entering the city of Carlisle on 17th August 1844 aged 29 years. Having endured with remarkable fortitude the amputation of his leg, he died after 3 days of acute suffering leaving his family in deep affliction for the loss of one most justly endeared to them. A solemn warning for all to prepare for eternity. Consider this ye that forget God. Repent ye and believe the Gospel.  Brine fecit New Road London.
  2. BORRER – In Memory of William Arthur the second son of John and Mary Anne Borrer born on 19th January 1816 who sailed from Singapore on 23rd September 1845, and no tidings having been heard of him, it is supposed the vessel foundered in a terrific hurricane which raged in the China Seas a few days after he left the port. Blessed with a cheerful and benevolent disposition, he gained the good will and affections of his crew and the friendship of his acquaintance. Whilst from his distant wanderings he communicated to his family when in affliction such Christian consolation as would induce them not to sorrow as those without hope. Thy way is in the sea and thy paths in the great waters and thy footsteps are not known. Psalm 77. In the midst of life we are in death.      Watch therefore for ye know neither the day or the hour wherein the Son of Man Cometh.
  3. BORRER – In memory of Kitty the wife of John Borrer who departed this life April 7th 1811 aged 27. Also of Mary Anne the second wife who died July 13th 1819 aged 27. Also of Sarah Anne third wife of John Borrer who died January 4th 1866 aged 72. Also of John Borrer who died August 12th 1866 aged 81. They remembered that God was their rock and the high God their redeemer. Nathaniel son of John and Mary Anne Borrer born June 1st 1818 died August 24th 1818. Also of Frederick Leopold son of John and Mary Anne Borrer born July 1st 1819 died September 3rd 1819. Also of Lindfield son of John and Sarah Anne Borrer born September 3rd 1823 died October 24th 1823. Also of Ellen the kind and affectionate daughter of John and Mary Anne Borrer born February 10th 1817 died April 12th 1834. Patience in Affliction she calmly submitted to the will of God, seeking consolation in his word and died looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of her faith. The Lord of Hosts is with us, the God of Jacob is our refuge. Draw nigh to God and he will draw night to you.

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    Location of memorials in St Nicolas Church Portslade

  4. HOPER – In memory of the Rev Henry Hoper MA 44 years vicar of Portslade and rector of Hangleton who departed this life on 4th December 1858 aged 70 years. This tablet was erected by his parishioners as a memorial of their gratitude to Almighty God, for the blessing vouchsafed in giving them a pastor, untiring in his exertions for their temporal and eternal welfare. The love of Christ constraining him. We took sweet counsel together and walked to the house of God as friends. Psalm 55 Chapman
  5. BOYLE – In gratitude to God and to the dear memory of Sophia Courtney Boyle only sister of the Revd Vicars Armstrong Boyle MA BCL vicar of Portslade and rector of Hangleton. She was his constant companion and fellow worker, brave, intelligent, faithful, simple, generous. She gladdened many lives by her continual joy, and inspired them by her high-hearted enthusiasm. She entered into rest on Trinity Sunday 14th June 1908 aged 47 years. Holy, holy, holy, all the saints adore thee / Casting down their golden crowns around the glassy sea / Cherubim and Seraphim falling down before thee / Which wert and art and evermore shall be. 
  6. SCRASE –
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    The Scrase plaque
    Here lyeth buried Rychard Scrasce late of hangleton, gentlema whiche died in ye yeare of our lord god one 1499. Here lyeth buried Rychard Scrasce of Blechington gentlema which died in ye yeare of our lord one 1519. Here lieth buried Edward Scrasce of blechington gentlema who died in ye yeare of our lord 1579.    This plaque was preserved from the ruins of West Blatchington church. (Richard Scrase of Hangleton who died in 1499 was a landowner, brewer and miller and he and his wife had four sons and four daughters. He left his lands at Hangleton to his son James but he left his ‘wynde-mylle’ in Portslade to his wife Alice. It is stated that the Scrase brass was found and preserved from the ruins of West Blatchington church. There has been some speculation as to what it was doing there in the first place because Richard Scrase’s body was buried at St Peter’s, Preston, which seems a more likely location for the brass and indeed the historian MA Lower states that it was discovered there. If that had been the case there would have been no reason to remove it because St Peter’s, Preston never became a ruin like St Peter’s, West Blatchington.
  7. CLARKE – To the memory of Mr Theophilus Clarke assistant surgeon HEICS who died at Coco in the East Indies November 8th 1840 aged 27 years. (The initials stand for the Honourable East India Company’s Service).

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    St Francis of Assisi stained glass window
    was given in memory of
    Revd Vicars Armstrong Boyle.
    The memorial plaque above the window
     is to Harry Blaker.
  8. BLAKER – Sacred to the memory of Mr Harry Blaker of Brighton, surgeon who died 23rd April 1846 aged 61 years. The memory of the just is blessed.
  9. BOYLE – In loving memory of Vicars Armstrong Boyle MA BCL vicar of Portslade and rector of Hangleton 1899-1919. (Saint Francis window).
  10. CLUTTON – In memory of the Revd Ralph Clutton AM late vicar of this parish and rector of Horsted Keynes who departed this life 8th January 1761 aged 66 years. Also of Elizabeth relict of the said Revd Ralph Clutton who died 14th May 1785 aged 79 years. Also of the Revd Ralph Clutton AB rector of Horsted Keynes and Aldrington son of the Revd Ralph Clutton and Elizabeth his wife who departed this life 13th April 1772 aged 44 years.
  11. CLUTTON – In memory of Owen Clutton Esq third son of the Revd Ralph Clutton late vicar of this parish and Elizabeth his wife who departed this life 3rd December 1796 aged 63 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife (daughter of Isaac Townsend Esq Admiral of the White and Governor of the Royal Hospital at Greenwich) who departed this life 16th November 1802 aged 78 years.
  12. CLUTTON – To the revered memory of the Revd John Clutton MA for more than fifty years the resident vicar of this parish and rector of Hangleton. He died January 5th 1815 aged 83 years. And of his sister Mrs Elizabeth Clutton who resided with him and shared in his labours of love: she was distinguished for kindness of heart and active benevolence, qualities which justly endeared her to her neighbours of all ranks. She died November 25th 1813 aged 85 years.
  13. BLAKER – In memory of Brian Oscar Blaker died June 2nd 1942 in Australia whose family has been closely associated with this church from the year 1485, the space under this tower was adapted as a baptistery.

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    Brackenbury Chapel, contains memorials:- 14,15,16,17,18 and 19
  14. BRACKENBURY – This turret and the adjoining memorial chapel were erected by Hannah Brackenbury AD 1869
  15. BRACKENBURY – Within these walls are deposited the mortal remains of the last in lineal descent of the ancient family of Brackenbury of Denton and Sellaby in the County of Durham. Anno Domini MDCCCXIX.
  16. BRACKENBURY – Hannah Brackenbury born November 17th 1795 died at Hove February 28th 1873 possessed of great wealth she devoted much during her life, and after by bequest to objects of beneficence. She thus prayed Lord remember when thou comest to thy Kingdom. Luke 23, 42.
  17. BRACKENBURY – Ralph Brackenbury born March 16th died at Hove September 29th 1864. Deeply mourned by his sorrowing sister his sole surviving relative. The memory of the just is blessed.
  18. BRACKENBURY – James Blackledge Brackenbury of Park Hill near Manchester born October 2nd 1793 died at Hove October 31st 1844. Exemplary in all the relations of life and abounding in Christian charity.
  19. BRACKENBURY – Harriette Mary only child of James Blackledge Brackenbury and Harriette his wife born March 5th 1833 died May 2nd 1861. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.
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    Brackenbury Chapel viewed from the west
  20. FRIEND – Here lies ye Body of John Friend who departed this life June ye 5th? 1736 aged 55 years. Here also lieth ye body of Thomas Friend who departed this life June ye 19th 1737 aged 24 years. (The memorial is let into the floor of the north aisle and is decorated with 3 skulls in a central medallion).
  21. BRIDGER – Underneath lies the Body of Charles Bridger Gent. Late of this parish son of Charles Bridger Gent. by Elizabeth his wife. He died January 12th 1779 aged 29 years. Also the body of Charles son of the said Charles Bridger Gent. by his wife Elizabeth daughter of the late Robert H------Gent. of Southwick. He died January 7th? 1779 aged 1 year 10 months and was buried on the same day with his father. Also of Elizabeth his wife who died ? 18th 1817 aged 76 years. (Floor of the north aisle).
  22. Floor of the north aisle. 1817 aged 76 years
  23. CARPENTER – Here lieth Sarah the daughter of Robert Carpenter Esq and Esther his wife who died the 12th of March 1726 aged 3 months and 8 days. Also Sarah who died August 12th 1728 aged 3 months and 10 days. Also Robert who died January 19th 1731/2 aged 11 months and 13 days. Also Esther who died the 12th of January 1738/9 in the 16th year of hir (sic) age. Also Henrietta who died the 9th day of Aprill (sic) 1739 aged 10 months wanting one day. Also here lays the body of Hester* wife of Robert Carpenter who died the 31st of December 1742 in the 46th years of her age. (Hester* wife of Colonel Robert Carpenter was buried 8th January following. Colonel Carpenter was killed at the Battle of Fontenoy 1745 according to Cockayne). The stone is let into the floor of the north aisle.
  24. COOKE – Here lieth the body of Thomas Cooke Gent. who departed this life December the 26th 1742 in the 83rd year of his age. (Floor of north aisle).
  25. COOKE – Here lieth the Body of Mary wife of Thomas Cooke Gent. who died July 19th 1717 aged 44 years. (Floor of north aisle).
  26. COOKE – Here lieth ye Body of Thomas Cooke Gent. died January 1709 aged and also ye Body     Thom Cooke Gent his wife who died   1717:1712. (Floor of north aisle).
  27. WHITT(am---?) – In memory of Susanna? Daughter of Thomas and Mary Whitt(am---?) who died March 30th 1-02. (Floor near sanctuary steps).
  28. In memory of  William (Floor south of sanctuary steps).
  29. SMITHW--- - Here lieth ye Body of Thomas Smithw--- died 25th July 1730 aged 83 years. (Floor near sanctuary steps).
  30. BOYD – In memory of Julia Boyd who died at Brighton on the 26th December 1862 aged 53 years. (Floor near sanctuary steps).
  31. Here lies the body of Susan Susanna Redley (Floor near sanctuary steps).
  32. BLAKER – The reredos is given in memory of Lieutenant Blaker RN by his mother.
  33. CAMPBELL – The oak of this chancel floor was given by the parishioners in grateful memory of Donald Fitzherbert Campbell vicar 1919-1927 and later Archdeacon of Carlisle died 24th September 1933 RIP.

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    1914-1918 & 1939-1945 Roll of Honour
  34. WAR MEMORIAL – 1914-1918 & 1939-1945 – In memory of those who died in the service of their country and in the cause of freedom this side altar and roll of honour were given by the people of Portslade. The names of those lost in World War I are written on parchment/paper enclosed in an oak frame and set on the south wall of the chancel. Unusually, the names of Old Boys of Portslade Industrial School were also included. Archer, C /Attree AF / Austin HJ / Bate, AE / Berry, R / Bettesworth, J / Blaker, AW / Boniface, W / Bouker, AG / Botting, A / Broomfield, F / Burtenshaw, A / Campbell, HM / Chappell, S / Charles, GH / Cheesman, R / Colburn, PW / Cooper, F / Copper, F / Coustick, H / Daughtrey, L / Dawes FC / Dunn, AJ / Edwards, CH / Goacher, A / Goble, M / Gordon, J / Gubbins, SE / Harris, AH / Henley, FE / King, J / Light, WH / Lindup, WG / March, S / Mitchell, H / Mockett, F / Oakley, JW / Parker, JH / Parsons, CA / Patching, EWR / Payne, GF / Payne, J /  Peters, FG / Peters, GA / Peters, JT / Pierce, H / Pittock, AG / Pittock, G / Pratt, EG / Prince, A / Ransom, W / Reeves, H / Richardson, DW / Richardson, HHJ / Ridley, A / Ridley, JA / Ring, M / Robinson, A / Rothwell, C / Scrase, HC / Scutt, HE / Seward, JF / Sinnock, JCG / Sizer, GG / Steele, P / Strange, J / Strevens, AR / Telling, RJ / Tester, E / Tidey, E / Timms, WJ / Tipper, HJ / Todman, D / Todman, W / Tullett, F / Turner, C / Vane, A / Virgo, AA / Virgo, AE / Wareham, J / Warman, AE / Wheatland, A / White, T / Wynn, W.  OLD BOYS OF PORTSLADE INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL. :- Adland, G / Anderson, J / Batchelor, JW / Bennett, G / Bradford, A / Bullen, W / Campbell, J / Chapman, A / Chappell, F / Chase, A / Glazierr, W / Hayden, G / Holmes, H / Knight, F / Lewis, JJ / Mason, MH / Newman, T / Pearce. C / Sherwood, C / Scrase, W / Tidy, A / Tidy, P / Tutt, AT / Walker, FD / Williams J / Williams, W / Wood, E. SECOND WORLD WAR. Bailey, A / Banham, C / Bland, RA / Cedras, C / Cherryman, LE / Daw, CF / Edwards, W / Flint, L / Gent, SF / Gibbons, R / Giddings, L / Godley, GE / Goodings, J / Gosden, A / Grant, AA / Harland, E / Harrison, R / Hillman, F / Hoskyns, C / Kennedy, W / Lambert, A / Law, WN / Mansell, R / Moody, DC / Nicholls, R / Nye, RA / Parker, GC / Perry, G / Schultze, D / Sharpe, DI / Steele, LH / Stevens, J / Stote, P / Taylor, D / Tyler, RP, Willis, C.
  35. HOLMES – Praise God in the Lord for Ernest Pertcy Worthington Holmes vicar of Portslade and rector of Hangleton 1933-1945 in whose loving memory this porch was restored by parishioners and friends in recognition of his devoted service amongst them RIP. (East wall of porch)

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    St Nicolas stained glass window
    given in memory of AC Wheatland

  36. WHEATLAND – In memory of AC Wheatland. (Baptistery window).
The earliest written record for a burial inside St Nicolas is Edward Fox’s will dated 1489 in which he stipulated ‘corpus meam sepeliendum in ecclesia de Porteslade predicta.’

Transcribed by the Revd Richard Rushforth and Judy Middleton 1983

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St Nicolas Church is in the Parish of Portslade St Nicolas & St Andrew & Mile Oak The Good Shepherd

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